Up to Our Ears in Radishes….and a new respect for the mandoline.

SONY DSCOur radishes have been the star of the kitchen lately. The spicy daikons, sweet crisp purple plum, and the astounding vibrancy of our chinese red meat radishes are sprucing up our salads and sandwiches.

I made some refrigerator radish and carrot pickles on Friday which have been super yummy on homemade bread with veggies.

FYI: the mandoline is a force to be reckoned with. I got one of my worst kitchen injuries using one of these puppies of the first time. I looked down at my hand in disbelief…my face must have been some kind of funny because Greyson just laughed and laughed as I squealed and found an old rag to wrap around my hand…I still don’t like looking at it.SONY DSC

Anyways….radishes are the thing lately. In the garden and in the kitchen.  I cannot get over the prettiness of these chinese red meat aka watermelon radishes!

The purple plum were the first radish we enjoyed this season.SONY DSC

Greyson was the first taste tester of our french radishes.SONY DSC

I just love that they are a such a fast crop. Once the seed is in the ground you’ve got radishes (for some varieties) in about a month. Others take a bit longer, but they are definitely worth the wait (and still faster than most other veggies in our garden.) SONY DSCAll this radish love started with tiny seeds…then sprouts….then plants…and now…food. What a fantastic design. ;)

Love, Grey & Brianna

Split-eyes and the Tiniest Radish.

SONY DSCNow that most everything is planted, working out in the garden with Greyson is a mix of phrases like: “good job!” …..”how about we walk around the beds?”…. “let’s not dump that bucket out” etc. etc. …

If you’ve never gardened with a toddler before it is, like most everything else with a toddler, a half-hearted-split-eyeball kind of event.

What do I mean by “split eyeballs?”

Let me explain…

I’ll be pulling weeds with one eye, while checking to make sure he hasn’t pulled all the drip lines up with the other.

I’ll be thinning beets with one eye, while at the same time, watching to make sure he hasn’t found any sharp garden tools with the other eye (just once I’d like to see him pick up a shovel rather than a pitchfork.)

Split eye. It’s how a walk around most days.

The other day, while I was watering our newly planted melons, I was also keeping watch to make sure no mischief was going on. I saw Greyson walk up to our bed of baby french radishes that still have about a week or two to mature!

I let in a full breath of air to instruct him away from there…when mid breath, I realized that now was not the time to interrupt. I exhaled and watched our little man so intently pinch the stems of one tiny radish between his tiny fingers, and ever so gently lift it out of the dirt. He brushed it off on his shirt, and went in for a nibble.

He was learning.SONY DSC

It was one of those moments that made me feel like I’ve been getting it all wrong.

“Just tear it all apart!” I thought. “If all this is just for that. I’ll be happy.” I wasn’t split-eyed in that moment. I was focused on just on thing–one very important task, his task; while all the “big” items on my to do list were no where to be found.

That was a beautiful place to be, and it started with one tiny radish. A realization that someone else’s agenda might just be different than mine, and maybe more important. More him, less me=happiness–motherhood lesson number 1,208,847,333.SONY DSC

Love, Grey & Brianna

Oh the prettiness…

SONY DSCWe have been swimming in radishes lately, and these are one of my favorites.

The Chinese Red Meat Radish…looks quite a bit like watermelon…but tastes like a mild and sweet radish.

I mostly love to just look at it because….well….just look at it….SONY DSC….gorgeous!

Love, Grey & Brianna

Did We Ever Talk About Easter?

SONY DSCNo. We didn’t. Because I have been a bit behind the ball keeping up with all this techie stuff. Plus, Easter was pretty quiet.

SONY DSCIt was rainy so we hunted for eggs inside, before breakfast. Greyson found some plastic eggs containing a few raisins to be quite a treat…and we found these not so good for us cinnamon coffee cake muffins to be pretty delightful for our Easter celebration. SONY DSCGreyson got a little rambunctious during church. I tried to hold him off from becoming a complete distraction, with some blue playdough he found amongst a bunch of carrots, on his Easter egg hunt. We ended up outside…like usual. SONY DSC

After a quick snooze, we got dressed down into our comfy clothes to visit with family…and eat waaaayyyy too much citrus for one day.SONY DSCLike I said, Easter was pretty quiet, rainy, and about two weeks ago. So there you have it.

Happy Sunday, friends.

Love, Grey & Brianna

March Things.

2015 MARCH THUNDERSTORM**I know we are (more than) halfway through April and I’m just posting our March things…but… I have an excuse! ;)

Here’s our March things anyways…

1. One of my favorite March moments? when Greyson asked for more sauerkraut at dinner.SONY DSC

2. St. Pattie’s day deliciousness a success. Since then I have made a similar (vegan) version of that dinner.

3. Had an awesome thunderstorm last month.

4. We’re in the market for a new tea kettle…after I kind of ruined ours :( We’re thinking either this color or this color.

5. Grey seriously had an allergic reaction to some kind of bug we are not sure of…his hand looked like a boxing glove

6. I’ve got our room gutted ready to be built up for baby again.

7. I’m thinking about making a DIY bed skirt…and I’m not super crafty…I’ll let you know how it turns out.

8. Grey ran drip out to our garden for the first time in our entire marriage….this summer is going to be heaven!

9. Took a day trip.

10. We’ve been enjoying our first spring radishes.

Love, Grey & Brianna


SONY DSCThere is something quite peculiar that happens to all sorts of women….especially the pregnant kind.

I don’t remember the crazy…must-get-stuff-done…like now, effect of pregnancy with my first. (I think…because we were moving two weeks before my due date [in the hottest summer in the history of ever] and the craziness just blended into that.) SONY DSCI didn’t quite notice that nesting was taking hold of my life with this pregnancy until after about two weeks of this conversation at breakfast:


Grey: so…what are your plans for the day?

Me: Just getting stuff done around here. I’ve got to get those nightstands refinished before the baby gets here.


Grey: so…what are your plans for the day?

Me: You know just getting stuff done around here. I’d really like to have the weeds in the garden under control before the baby gets here.


Grey: so…what are your plans for the day?

Me: I think Greyson and I are going to run to Home Depot to get paint for upstairs. I’d really like to have his toddler bed put together before the baby gets here.


Grey: so…what are your plans for the day?

Me: I’ve got to tackle that laundry, and reorganize all of our books. Come to think of it…I think I’m going to donate some of our books. We need more space for when the baby gets here.


Grey: So what are you plans for the day?

Me: I need a nap.SONY DSC

Dear friends,

Apparently, when nesting takes hold….Anything that doesn’t directly or indirectly relate to getting every project done before baby gets here doesn’t seem relevant.

I’ve got my blinders on driving down a narrow road on my way to a very specific event.

So please excuse my absence here, I’ll be sporadically popping in and out in between projects to check in. For now…I’ve got Venetian blinds to dust, spice cabinets to organize, and papers to file. …oh and to sleep to get… while I’ve still got the chance. ;)

*You’ve been in my thoughts!*

Love, Brianna

P.S. You might remember these pics from our (quite vintage now) ;)post Rethink: Broomsticks and Balance.

P.S.S. When you’ve got crazy pregnant nesting lady syndrome…all those thoughts about cleaning and balance? ha!…moot.


Weeds, Thunder, and Crunchy Bean Soup.

SONY DSCThe weeds are out of control. Friday and Saturday Greyson and I tackled some of what has been taking over our garden. It’s cyclical…I’ve come to accept that for the sake of my sanity.SONY DSC

We had a pretty nice thunderstorm roll in Sunday afternoon. It started while I was reading my latest book (very insightful by the way!) tucked under a blanket with a cup of tea.

The pounding on the metal roof woke Greyson up from his afternoon nap. This was his third serious thunderstorm in his entire life (I wrote about the first one over a year ago!)

So a thorough lesson about thunder and lightning were absolutely necessary….so his uncertain wide eyes, that followed the boom and grumble, would be calmed.


Grey came home with a coconut water for Greyson, a kombucha for himself, and a 72% dark chocolate bar for me….yum. ;)SONY DSCWe moved our seedlings inside and ate the bean, sausage, and vegetable soup I made in our crockpot…. before the beans were completely finished cooking. Delicious…and crunchy?

That one may need to be refined a bit. ;)SONY DSC

Happy Monday, friends.

Love, Grey & Brianna

Up Close and Personal with Springtime Things.

SONY DSCIt’s here! Happy Spring!!! We have been so busy in the garden getting everything ready by tending the tiny plants that will be full bloom/production by summer.

We’ve harvested our first spring radishes, and gotten almost all of our planting underway. It’s nice to step back (or step in really close) and enjoy the progress so far. Here’s a close look around at some pretty springtime things….





SONY DSCRight now, most everything is in tiny sprout form,with the exception of our fava beans, radishes, onions, leeks, garlic, chives, sage, lavender, and the pretty little flowers I planted right outside our kitchen window. I’ll be posting an updated look around the vegetable garden later this month.

Happy spring, friends.

Love, Grey & Brianna

Our First Spring Radishes.

SONY DSCTwo days ago, we harvested our first spring radishes. We, of course, could have waited until these baby radishes were a tad larger….but we were just too excited ;)

These are “purple plum” radishes…super mild, and somewhat sweet. We left the rest in the ground to pick fresh over the next couple of weeks for salads…and snacks! :)

Happy (radish eating) days.

Love, Grey & Brianna


SONY DSCSt. Patrick’s Day correspondence.That green paint can also be found on our floors, bar stools, clothes,  and cabinets…courtesy of the little mitt pictured above.

SONY DSC. Someone discovered his shadow a few weeks ago. Priceless entertainment…for the both of us. SONY DSCThey (our seedlings)….

SONY DSChave….taken over.SONY DSC

Our kitchen table? A shuffling ordeal between us and the tomatoes plants at mealtime.SONY DSCEarly Sunday mornings=pancake breakfasts. <3

SONY DSCSpring is officially here in three days, and I’ve got planting fever already.

Happy almost spring!

Love, Grey & Brianna