The recipes on this blog reflect how we truly eat in our home. Our garden is not comprehensive enough to provide everything for our recipes, but we do eat from the garden almost everyday, therefore our recipes change, as the seasons do. We know the health benefits from eating a diet full of fruit and vegetables is one of the keys to long term health, our recipes are largely plant based for this reason. We still incorporate some cheeses, meats, eggs etc. into some of our recipes.


Grey and I have had a garden every year that we have been married. It started as a few raised beds and some pots. We have expanded to a much larger garden, which incorporates vertical gardening, rows, and those raised beds that we started with. We use organic methods and are enthusiastic about trying different varieties that will grow well in our area.


…Put Jesus first,

…and family second.

…Enjoy growing, cooking, and eating veggies!

… Have been married for three years.

…Love seeing new things.

…Like to share what we’ve learned so far.

…Strive to live life simply.

…thrive with coffee (Brianna) and tea (Grey.)

…hope you stick around for a while. 😉


Love, Grey and Brianna


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