This Is Our Last Blog Post.

Dear Friends,

This is our last blog post. Despite the previous post, which announced the continuation of this blog into this year, I will not continue writing for

I started this journey a year and a half ago, by documenting our hike up Brokeoff Mountain on the Fourth of July. Since then, this space online, has blossomed into a place where we cataloged our favorite recipes, trips taken, family events, and even the birth of our son. I have enjoyed every bit of it, and am so glad I published that first post seventeen months ago.

I nurtured my love for photography, writing, and cooking through this blog. I don’t want this text to come off sounding sad, because the truth is I still like those things, as a matter of fact, I still enjoy blogging…very much, and may even blog if in the future if God asks me to. Now though, is a time to draw close to Him and my family. Time is the greatest gift we can give anyone, because we can never get any more of it.

After this blog is gone, Grey and I will still be in our kitchen debating whether to put crushed pistacios into the brussels sprouts, like we did on Christmas night. We will continue our journey of cooking and eating nutrient rich foods.  …and we will still be loving our little man like crazy. I’ll still be writing him monthly letters to his future self, and showing him the wonders of this world. …I’m just not going to publicly blog about it.

I feel honored to have written this blog for those of you who have invested the time to read it. I am thankful for extended communication with people through social media, blogs, e-mail etc. to share and connect with friends, future friends, and family.

This life is an incredible journey, and I pray you never stop growing, learning, and seeking God. For me, this year marks a fork in the road, and my call now is to deepen my relationships with family on a more personal level. I am not sure yet, what He has planned for our little family, but I know it will be wonderful (Jeremiah 29:11). ….and…  that He is asking me to devote my time to building a stronger relationship with Him (James 4:8), and to love people (2 John 1:6)…and, for now, that’s all I need to know.

I hope this blog was a blessing to you and your family, and pray that your time is well spent.

Love, Grey, Brianna, and Greyson. 

Oh Christmas Tree…

SONY DSCWe decorated our tree back in November, after Thanksgiving.

Why I am I talking about it now?

Because I’m still enjoying it just as much.

Sometimes, at night, I turn off all of the lights (except for our Christmas lights)…turn on some Christmas music…get a hot drink….and just sit next to the tree with our sweet boy. 
My favorite part of this next picture is what is in the lower left-hand corner. :) Our tree isn’t anything spectacular, but the gathering of our little family around it is…SONY DSC
May your days be Merry and Bright.

Love, Brianna


The Morning After it Snowed Where it Never Snows.

SONY DSCWe woke up early, like it was Christmas morning…and we were seven years old. ;) We threw on clothes as fast as we could, then bundled Greyson with clothes right over his footie pajamas. We decided earlier in the week, that Saturday we would take our Christmas card photo….little did we know it would have the perfect winter wonderland backdrop–right from our front yard! SONY DSC
Everything looked so bright, “wintery,” and pretty with snow covering it.SONY DSC
We were not properly equipped with snow clothes, especially for Greyson. I used socks for mittens for the little man, who hasn’t been to the snow yet.SONY DSC

We took a drive to go pick up Malla-Mal and her mama, and to see what our snow capped town looked like.SONY DSC
I sipped hot coffee, and marveled at lamp posts that looked like they were straight out of a Thomas Kinkade Christmas painting.

We saw a little deer running and frolicking in the snowSONY DSC

Is this a dream?!?! I was about to be seriously upset if I woke up and none of it was actually happening….but I didn’t wake up.

We brought back the Mallinator, had snowball fights, played with the dog, made a wimpy snowman, and just enjoyed this beautiful blessing. SONY DSC
 Our poor chickens!SONY DSC
Remember when I planted this back in September?SONY DSC
Snowball fights!SONY DSC
The horses.SONY DSC
Hilarious Ty.SONY DSC
 Mallie’s snow angel.SONY DSCSONY DSC
 The snowman.SONY DSC
The smiles!SONY DSC
…and the exhaustion.SONY DSC
Happy Winter (even-though-it’s-still-technically-fall) friends!

Love, Brianna 

The Night it Snowed Where it Never Snows.

SONY DSC…well it very rarely snows…I’m pretty sure the last time it did, I was in junior high….and I think before that, it hadn’t snowed for fifteen years. So snow is a pretty big deal to us. We called everyone we know…and I, apparently, just took pictures of snowflakes with fuzzy images in the background.SONY DSC Around 8:00 at night, I had just tucked Greyson into bed, and it started to snow.SONY DSC “Look it’s snowing!” I felt butterflies in my tummy just like I did on Christmas morning as a kiddo.SONY DSC The rest of the night was filled with “can you believe this?!”

“Look snow on the cars!”….

.. “snow in the garden!” ….

…“snow in the grass!”….

…you get the picture, everywhere there was snow, there was a little miracle.SONY DSCWe walked around outside, danced, and played–just the two of us. Then we’d run in through the house like a couple of kids to warm up and check on the little man….who was toasty, and tucked away somewhere in dreamland. SONY DSCI couldn’t wait to wake him up the next morning, and show him the sparkly snow blanket covering everything for his first Christmas season.SONY DSCSONY DSCWe both wanted a warm sweet treat, but had barely anything in the cupboards of that description; so I made do, and whipped up little polenta with cinnamon, raisins, and honey, then turned on the Christmas music. ;)SONY DSCThe night was nothing short of lovely. SONY DSCLove, Brianna

Lord, thank you for this wonderful winter treat!

How We Spent Black Friday.

SONY DSCThe day after Thanksgiving, we loaded up our turkey-and-gravy-stuffed-selves into Grey’s mama’s pickup to go cut down our Christmas tree. …(we don’t waste any time between Thanksgiving and Christmas!) …on to the next holiday! :) I got our bags packed, and Greyson all bundled up because we were going to Grey’s family mountain cabin, and would be spending all day drinking hot cocoa, visiting, and picking out our Christmas trees.SONY DSC Once we got to the cabin, we started the stove so it would be nice and warm when we got back. SONY DSCI had a delicious cup of hot chocolate with those mint chocolate marshmallows. Has anyone else tried those yet?…yum. :) Our sweet boy hasn’t taken a trip to the cabin yet, so we marked how tall he was on next to the doorway off of the kitchen.SONY DSC Once we got to the Christmas tree grove that Grey’s mama spotted back in October (while deer hunting,) we grabbed our pre-cut little pieces of orange yarn and started marking trees. SONY DSCWe figured we would mark all the trees that were candidates for Greyson’s first Christmas tree, then go back and make our decision after we had seen them all. There were a few other families out scouting trees as well. We marked probably about fifteen trees before deciding to go back to one we just knew was “our tree.” Except nothing was left but a little stump. SONY DSCNo tree… and no little orange piece of yarn that we placed saying this tree is taken. I guess it doesn’t technically ensure that no one else will chop down a baby’s first Christmas tree, even though they saw us marking the trees….but that’s not the point.

I guess what I’m saying is…Greyson’s first Christmas tree was stolen. I’m assuming by the Grinch…yes the one that stole Christmas. A little part of me still thinks that whoever swiped our tree will come racing down a snowy mountain with a sleigh full of other trees, toys, and even crumbs from Christmas mice on Christmas morning as we joyfully sing about the meaning of Christmas.

…..except we don’t live next to a snowy mountain.SONY DSC

hmmmm…..It seems we were in quite the predicament….

Anyways….We found another tree that was nice, and loaded up (Greyson’s second) Christmas tree. SONY DSC This is how Greyson stayed for most of the day. All wrapped up in his daddy’s coat (either warn by his daddy or Auntie or ummie.) SONY DSC




SONY DSC….while we walked back, we playedSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSC…and teased SONY DSC…and loved.SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSC…and enjoyed the pretty outdoorsSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSC ….and that’s how we spent black Friday.

Love, Brianna

Our Thanksgiving.

SONY DSCDear Friends,

Happy December. This is the first day of my favorite month, there are so many goodies, happy music, and family gatherings to come. I gladly welcome December every year! 

Last Thursday, we officially closed the harvest season by celebrating Thanksgiving. It was a day of lots of cooking, lots of family, lots of eating, lots of talking, lots of joy, and did I mention lots of eating?SONY DSC

I started the day by baking an apple pie, for Grey’s family gathering later that evening.

Our game plan for the day?…

Grey would spend the day watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade at his sister’s house, and resting up for the big Thanksgiving dinner at my parents’ house later that evening……. While I would make some side dishes at our house, then rush over to help my mama in the kitchen before guests arrived for dinner……After dinner at my parents’ house, we would go to Grey’s sisters’s house, in town, and catch up with his family before driving to the other side of town to have dessert at his Aunt’s mother and father-in-law’s house…..Then we would get back into the car if we could manage to stuff our overly fed bodies into it, and drive home, wishing we didn’t eat as much as we did.

It really was quite simpler than it sounds. ;)

Anyways…My dad started the turkey in the barrel around noonish (I am now convinced this is the best way to make a Thanksgiving day turkey.)SONY DSCSONY DSCJon and Mike were the first ones to show up.SONY DSC As soon as they had arrived, the guys lit the burn pile.SONY DSC…and my bro kept an eye on it for the rest of the evening.SONY DSCInside, my mama and I were getting all of the yummy snacks ready to hold everyone over until dinner was ready.SONY DSC Next, my Aunt Phyllis & Uncle Jon, (who had not met our little man until last Thursday!) Grandma, and Grandpa arrived. They spent some overdue time with our little guy…well…once he woke up from his afternoon nap.SONY DSC 1-image (3)

Taken by Auntie Phyllis

Taken by Auntie Phyllis

SONY DSCSONY DSCAfter that, there was not a shortage of helping hands to hold, change, love, and keep this little guy busy for the rest of the night. ;)SONY DSCPretty soon more and more family started to trickle in, the sun started to set, and dinner was almost ready. Which meant it was time for me to go pick up Grey.SONY DSCSONY DSC They were carving the turkey when we got back…and opening the champane and sparkling apple cider. SONY DSCSONY DSCDinner needed a few last finishing touches like heating the rolls, toasting the marshmallows on the (best) candied yams, and making sure we had enough silverware.SONY DSC A few of the rolls got a little too warm…SONY DSC….so we re-warmed a new batch.SONY DSCWe filled our plates. Ate. Then filled them again. SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCAfter dinner we all gathered around to take the annual Thanksgiving group photo. SONY DSCThen, Grey and I grabbed the apple pie, I baked earlier, and headed to have dessert with Grey’s family.SONY DSCWe took some pictures with Greyson’s other great grandpa and him, which I will be sharing tomorrow on the blog. Then we (meaning I) ate apple pie a la mode to top off another crazy-perfect-ate-too-much-on-Thanksgiving.

Love, Brianna

**Photo Credit to my Auntie who took a handful of these photos and who I probably inherited my “picture taking-ness” from.