So Much to Be Thankful For.

2K1A6836Long time no post friends. I’m not really sure where to begin! You may, or may have not, have noticed that the last time I posted was almost three months ago!!! Yikes! Time goes quick, when you’re starting a photography business. …

Yes you heard right! I’m the “official” owner of Brianna Phelps Photography. …and despite the looks of it around here, I have been blogging. So if you want, you can head on over and check out what has been going on in my other life.

I won’t get too much into the details because I plan to write an entire post about how I started my photography business, but I did…and I am LOVING it! It’s something that I felt a pulling to do for a long time, but…(I said I won’t get into it so, I’ll save it for later…I just can hardly wait to share!)

Today, I want to bring you along on some of the highlights of our Thanksgiving, because it was pretty delicious, despite the looks of the turkey 😉2K1A67672K1A67702K1A67742K1A67962K1A67982K1A68082K1A68532K1A68332K1A68262K1A68092K1A68582K1A68672K1A68802K1A68832K1A6811Love, Grey & Brianna

P.S. No I still have not mastered the graham cracker…in case you were wondering. 😉


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