Homemade Graham Cracker Test No. 3,967

2K1A0619Homemade graham cookies anyone? Homemade graham bread? Homemade graham burnt to crisps?!?!? Is anyone interested in something besides homemade graham crackers?…because that is what I have. It started, innocently enough, as I was reading a graham cracker box in the grocery store wondering, how so many ingredients made it into a simple graham cracker.

I put the crackers back on the shelf and my neurological fuses were put together in a fashion that made me conclude: “Oh…I know…I’ll make my own!” I somewhat wish I could go back to that good intentioned little mama, grab her by the shoulders, look her in the eye and very seriously ask: “whhhyyyy? don’t you know the struggle (the harship!) you’ve got ahead of you?”

But I didn’t have that opportunity, and even if I did, I doubt that little mama would have listened to me. Instead we both have been in the kitchen testing recipe after recipe to find the perfect graham cracker. I don’t know how long and how far this will go but it’s become personal. “It’s just you and me graham….crust-dough-cookie-biscuit-hopefully-someday-going-to-be-a-cracker!”

Just kidding.

Not really.

Anyways… I will get it done, and when I do. I will let you in on the victory by posting the recipe.  Hopefully soon and if not, please pray for my sanity.

Love, Brianna


4 thoughts on “Homemade Graham Cracker Test No. 3,967

  1. This subject matter doesn’t probably relate .to you it’s just that this sweet sweet very special girl has such a sweet sweet very special blog and I thought her lightheartedness might help your day. Im alwAys happier and more peaceful when I read what she’s thinking. (Michele feels the same way, too)

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