The Grocery Store Meltdown.

SONY DSCOn Monday I went grocery shopping with the kids. It was around noon, Greyson’s naptime, which was my first mistake. My method for maintaining some sense of normalcy, going from one kid to two kids has been baby wearing. I set Greyson facing me in the cart where he normally sits, and put Jada in her Boba wrap. We go in. We get our groceries. We get outta there.

I decided to spend the morning catching up on housework instead of going to the grocery store first thing, so like I said, we went right before Greyson’s nap, which made him tired. Tired toddlers are tired toddlers, that’s all I have to say.

Without getting into specifics, our sweet (tired) little man woke his sleeping sister up from her marsupial cozy snooze. She had been sleeping for over an hour, so she woke up hungry really hungry…and as a result really noisy. I took her out of the Boba, to try to calm her. I was holding/bouncing/rocking her while pushing a now loaded down cart.

I didn’t have anything with me to cover her up to nurse, so I just kept going through the store with a screaming infant (because I wasn’t going to start over on a very time/energy consuming grocery trip another day.) I went directly to and through the checkout instead of finishing my list. As I was setting my groceries on the conveyor belt to be checked with one hand and holding a screaming almost two month old in the other, Greyson started yelling, “yellow snack!” “yellow snack!”

I kept my eyes on the task of loading my groceries even though I felt a million eyes looking my direction. When the checker asked: “how are you doing today?” I literally just looked at him because I would have had to yell over my kids for him to hear me say “fine.” As he was looking at me, I heard him get on his telephone announcing system: “can I get help at checkstand 4.”


Help is exactly what I needed, and I guess it was quite apparent. As the young gentleman that came over to bag my groceries was working away, I was shhhhing Jada, who was still screaming and beet red while explaining to Greyson that “we are not going to get a yellow snack today” to which he just kept saying louder, now while crying as well: “yellllooolow snaaaaack!” A woman nudged  her teenage son and said something that sent him my direction. He nervously asked: “ummm…can I help you take these groceries out.”

I replied “oh that’s so sweet, thank you for asking. I think he (the courtesy clerk) will be able to walk me out.”

As I was waiting to finish bagging my groceries, I thought back to when Greyson was about nine months old and he started crying a little while I was checking out. I looked at the checker and said, “oh my goodness I might cry from embarrassment.” she just waved her hand signaling: “don’t worry about it.” I now know why. She was a mama, and probably thought. “girl…this is nothin’….”

Back to my present day meltdown, everything was loaded and ready to go and the gentleman that bagged my groceries asked, “can I help you out.” “Yes.” Without hesitation I said yes.

Of course, my kids both completely stopped crying the minute we stepped out of the store.

I’m glad I faced the most embarrassing grocery store meltdown ever, one of my parenting fears, this week. At least that’s out of the way.

Real Mama Life,



4 thoughts on “The Grocery Store Meltdown.

  1. Having a toddler myself, I have had many of these moments and I can’t deny that yes it is embarrassing. Only Mothers can relate and share the “fun” times. I try to think how it must be with more than one, like Rosie attempting this with all three of her children. Then I think, if this could be the worst thing that we go through, we have it pretty good. Thanks for sharing this great moment in your mama life, because it really shows other mamas that this is really a normal day shopping with our beautiful children. 🙂

  2. I know that feeling well. The first time I took all 3 of mine, I also was crying when we left. Good job Mama for taking the help and keeping it together!

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