Fast & Easy Peach Crisp

I love summer fruit. Melons, plums, cherries, grapes, nectarines, berries, and peaches. It is an abundant season with plenty of fruit to choose from. I have run into a few problems with summer fruit though. 1) A lot of varieties are not easily packed (plums and peaches just get squished, in a bag!) 2) They often ripen quickly, and if there is an abundance of…say peaches, on your countertop they’ve got to be eaten or used quickly.

Which is how this peach crisp was born.

Grey and I did a huge grocery shopping trip last weekend, and must have overestimated how many peaches we actually could eat! So I made this superfast peach crisp. It has minimal sugar added so in-season, good quality I peaches are a must!

I only added ¼ cup of brown sugar to the filling, and the top is simply our favorite granola recipe with a few dabs of butter. If it’s served with ice cream, it’s a dessert. Served with coffee, it’s a breakfast. SONY DSCEither way, I think we have a thing for crisps. This one get’s added onto the list right alongside our autumn apple bake and classic cherry crisp.SONY DSC

If you have the granola already on hand this goes super fast…like less than ½ an hour fast. If you have to whip up a batch, like I did, this takes about 1 hour to make. I hope you enjoy this simple dessert…or breakfast ;).

Fast n’ Easy Peach Crisp

Prep Time: 15 min-1 hour | Cook Time: 20 minutes | Serves: 8

Peach Filling:

3 lbs fresh peaches, cored and diced into wedges 3/4-inch thick

juice from one small lemon

1/4 cup brown sugar

2 tbsp all-purpose flour

1 tsp ground cinnamon

butter, for greasing

Crumb Top:

2 ½ cups granola

2 tbsp cold butter, cut into pea size pieces


Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. In a large bowl combine all ingredients for the peach filling. Pour peaches into a greased pie dish. Tip peaches with granola. Evenly distribute the cut butter over the top of granola. Bake in preheated oven for 20 minutes. Let cool for 10 minutes, and serve with ice cream or sweetened whipped cream.

Love, Grey & Brianna


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