Jada’s Birth Story.


Dear Friends,

I’m finally getting around to writing Jada’s birth story on her one month birthday. I’ll call it my maternity leave from blogging to make myself feel a bit better about quite a lengthy absence. To be quite frank, the recovery of this birth is taking more time. Every birth is unique, and Little Miss definitely gave me a different birth story to tell from her big brother’s two years ago.

Here we go.

On June 23rd, Grey and I made our first heirloom tomato pizza this season, from our abundance of tomatoes in the garden. I was six days overdue, and had come to accept the fact that my body likes to hold onto it’s babies for a little longer than 40 weeks. We ate dinner, got Greyson to bed, and planned to watch a movie.

We started one of the x-men movies (I’m not really sure which one) because that is what we watched the night I went into labor with Greyson (yeah…I was ready to try anything.) We turned it off after only about ten minutes because it just didn’t feel right.

We turned 180 degrees, and flipped on Kung Fu Panda. (I’m not sure why that needs to be in this birth story….but it just does.) We watched a chubby panda (voiced by Jack Black) overcome what was unlikely for him to achieve, and laughed.

Almost immediately after the movie, I started feeling contractions around 11:00pm, and unlike my first delivery, I knew I was in labor. I didn’t mention anything to Grey then, because I wanted him to sleep. I took a shower, finished packing our bag, and contrary to popular advice for when “you go into labor at night” I didn’t sleep, I cleaned for the rest of the night. Around 4:00 am I layed down to get some rest, and actually fell asleep.

I woke up around 6:30am with no contractions.

I was disappointed and confused. As I started moving around they came back much milder. I decided to go grocery shopping with Greyson around 8:00am to get the house stocked up with food for when the baby did decide to make a début. As I was shopping, things started to pick up again, and I felt like I needed to get home A.S.A.P.!

I felt much better in the comfort of our own home. I let Grey know, at this point, that today could be the day. I played with Greyson and just meditated through the contractions for the rest of the morning.

Around 12:00pm Grey and I alerted our family and friends that in a little while we would be heading to the hospital. Things felt like they were progressing, but I wanted to stay home as long as possible.

About 2:30pm we went to the hospital. Until this point, I had never spent a night away from Greyson, and as I was kissing him goodbye, a wave of all kinds of emotions came over me (our sweet little man cub, was going to be a big brother!)

When we got there, they checked me, and I was only 3cm dilated. This labor was going much slower than my first! I forgot the intensity of the pain, and I thought surely the nurse didn’t measure right. I thought “this feels like at least a five….I’ll even take four. Please tell me something more than a 3?!?”

Even though the contractions were pretty intense, I still had quite a bit of time between them. Grey was snapping a few photos, and we were even joking around between them for the first few hours. (I think this might be his first selfie.)  😉I definitely was not looking this happy as time when on.

Around 6:00pm there were no more jokes. No more games. Anyone that attempted to make a funny was going to be excommunicated.

Seriously folks. That’s all I can really say about that. Seriously.

When I thought I couldn’t take the pain anymore, all I wanted to hear was 10. “You are dilated to 10cm, are you ready to push?” But that is not what I heard. What I heard was: “8 you are at an 8.”

Oh Lord.

Only one position was slightly okay, and that was on my hands and knees. I dreaded when they came in to monitor me and made me lay on my back.

The last time the nurse came to monitor the baby, she also checked me and I was at 9.5cm. Hallelujah. I was so ready for this to be over and I was waiting for the green light on pushing…I knew it had to be close now.

It was close until I heard them say: “the baby’s heart rate is dropping.” The midwife came in and looked at the monitor for a minute as the numbers kept going down down down. She very calmly said: “Brianna, I’m going to call the Doctor, the baby’s heart rate is very low. So low that I’m concerned enough to call him.”

In almost an instant they had an oxygen mask on my face, an IV in my arm and Grey was signing papers for surgery. I layed there on my hands and knees and listened to them talk about our baby’s falling heart rate, as my heart was sinking right along side hers. I felt such a mix of emotions hopelessness, desperation, sadness, and nothingness. My contractions completely disappeared. Grey reminded me so sweetly, that “everything is going to be okay–no matter what we are going to have a baby tonight.”

Birth is such an amazing process, and something happened amidst them running frantically. I wanted to push. I had a peace about pushing. They kept telling me to wait until I had “the urge to push” I don’t entirely know what that feels like because I never got it with Greyson, and I don’t think I really got that feeling with Jada, but I did have the urge to get this baby out. I knew if I didn’t soon, it would mean surgery.

I told them I was pushing…now! Because I didn’t have strong enough contractions to distract me from the delivery. I felt it. I felt how painful pushing a baby out is. But I yelled through 3 pushes and at 9:29pm she was born. Grey said: “It’s a girl! We have a Jada.” She was placed directly on my chest, and was, “is” perfect. I cannot begin to describe the wonderful moments right after she was born. I was so happy she was finally here. Grey cut the cord while I held her and she nursed right away. Our sweet girl, has blessed our family. I remember when I was pregnant, a couple stopping me to tell me that, “This baby is a blessing.” They spoke that over our family. What a blessing from the Lord she is!

We spent the rest of the night and next day admiring her sweet face and little self. A daughter. We have a son and a daughter. Craziness! I was so excited for Greyson to meet her! Greyson came the next morning and was surprisingly shy around his sister. He was unsure and kept hiding behind his shoulder. Our family has changed. After only a few minutes though he was smiley and interested to touch her, and get his face as close as humanly possible to hers. Family came to visit. We received flowers and gifts, and just soaked up the first hours of her life. We got to go home early, and were ready to get comfy cozy in our new life together as a family of four. Thank you Jesus we made it!

Thank you Grey for being the best husband and birth coach–ever.

Thank you Celeste for taking photos.

Thank you everyone for your love and support.

Happy one month birthday sweet girl.

Love, Grey & Brianna


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