May Things.


1. There are only 5 things this month, and this being one of them: Baby prep takes a lot of time….and energy. That has been the main focus of May. Scrub, clean, hang, sort, donate, toss, stock, pack, and grow a baby. Point number one, takes about 90% of the month’s focus.

2.Which brings me to point number two. We had our baby shower, and it was wonderful.

3. Mother’s day was low key. We missed church because our keys got locked in the car, harvested potatoes, and had a picnic lunch at home.

4.Memorial day was much of the same…well pretty different except for the low key part. Cousins went swimming and we had a BBQ that somehow ended up indoors.

5. I already ran out of thing to say for May because I can’t quite think clearly. There is going to be another human being in our household!

Love, Grey & Brianna


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