Baby clothes are washed, diapers are stocked, and this house is locked and loaded ready for a new life. I’ve got a month’s worth of activities planned for Greyson from now until the Fourth of July to make this transition easier. Our pantry is full. Our freezer is bursting at the seams with freezer meals ready to be brought out on nights that cooking is going to get thrown by the wayside.


Since Friday, I’ve thought everyday could be our baby’s birthday, only to have it slip by as just another day. Another day of waiting to meet our new son or daughter.


I position myself in the ready and waiting phase a bit early. For heaven’s sake, my due date is still two weeks away…and (lord forbid) could be two weeks after that.

I read a poem once that used the phrase: “gobbling mother eye.” That’s where I’m at right now. Actually, that’s where I’ve been since Greyson was born. Just the slightest thought of his little turkey face makes me want to be near him instantly.


I am literally as near to this new baby as I will ever physically be, but my gobbling mother eyes, ears, nose, and hands just cannot wait to meet this baby. ….but waiting is exactly what will be happening for…how many days longer? I don’t know.

…until then I will be practicing patience…and I shaking out our area rugs one more time…and ooo while I’m at it, touching up the paint in our living room. Happy baby month, friends!

38 weeks and (patiently?) waiting,


P.S. Our sweet diaper stash (conveniently located in between extra aprons and canning supplies) came from my baby shower a few weeks back. Thanks again everyone!




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