Lady Bug Hunting.

SONY DSCIt started innocently enough, one afternoon, as Greyson and I were sitting out in the lawn. “Look buddy there’s a ladybug!” I pointed out.  Greyson, very intrigued, wanted to pinch him between his fingers to pick him up. SONY DSCI cringed at the thought of a squished innocent ladybug, so I showed him that if he just put his hand in front of the sweet ladybird the little bug would crawl all the way up his arm. …which is what he did.

…I didn’t know then that it would start a “let’s-find-a-lady-bug-to-crawl-up-our-arm movement”….every. single. day.

When I even mention going out the garden…he traces his finger up his arm to let me know he’s thinking one thing: lady bug hunting. SONY DSCWe now have countless hours invested into flipping over leaves, looking on stalks of plants, scanning the lawn, etc. all in hopes to find a little red bug.

We usually spot one within the first twenty minutes or so on each excursion…and (cringing) I still have to remind Greyson of the “crawl up the hand” technique to pick up our spotted bug. SONY DSCMy job then is to catch the little bug, off a running toddler, before it ends up in an ear or some other place it shouldn’t be.

This is our everyday.

Love, Grey & Brianna


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