Sunday Beet Harvest.

SONY DSCYesterday we decided to pull the beets out of the garden… so I could spend the next 4 1/2 hours pickling them. SONY DSCWe made it a family event and Greyson could not have been more thrilled about being told to pull plants up!SONY DSC ….especially when he came across some ripe strawberries! SONY DSCBeets are one of my favorite veggies to grow because they grow so well here. SONY DSCWe also pulled the volunteer red potato plant out of this bed because we’ve got summer squash plans in it’s spot.SONY DSC A fresh potato from the garden steamed with olive oil, salt, and pepper is seriously the butteriest yummiest vegetable…like ever. SONY DSC

We just had to explain that to Greyson, since he seemed to want to eat them right on the spot. SONY DSC

Back to beets…we pulled ’em all up into a giant pile…SONY DSC…composted the tops, washed them out in the garden, and put them straight into a giant pot for pickling.SONY DSC …and that’s how I spent the rest of our Sunday. SONY DSC…until evening…20150503_144724..when we went to see the new Avengers!!

Love, Grey & Brianna


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