Up to Our Ears in Radishes….and a new respect for the mandoline.

SONY DSCOur radishes have been the star of the kitchen lately. The spicy daikons, sweet crisp purple plum, and the astounding vibrancy of our chinese red meat radishes are sprucing up our salads and sandwiches.

I made some refrigerator radish and carrot pickles on Friday which have been super yummy on homemade bread with veggies.

FYI: the mandoline is a force to be reckoned with. I got one of my worst kitchen injuries using one of these puppies of the first time. I looked down at my hand in disbelief…my face must have been some kind of funny because Greyson just laughed and laughed as I squealed and found an old rag to wrap around my hand…I still don’t like looking at it.SONY DSC

Anyways….radishes are the thing lately. In the garden and in the kitchen.  I cannot get over the prettiness of these chinese red meat aka watermelon radishes!

The purple plum were the first radish we enjoyed this season.SONY DSC

Greyson was the first taste tester of our french radishes.SONY DSC

I just love that they are a such a fast crop. Once the seed is in the ground you’ve got radishes (for some varieties) in about a month. Others take a bit longer, but they are definitely worth the wait (and still faster than most other veggies in our garden.) SONY DSCAll this radish love started with tiny seeds…then sprouts….then plants…and now…food. What a fantastic design. 😉

Love, Grey & Brianna


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