Split-eyes and the Tiniest Radish.

SONY DSCNow that most everything is planted, working out in the garden with Greyson is a mix of phrases like: “good job!” …..”how about we walk around the beds?”…. “let’s not dump that bucket out” etc. etc. …

If you’ve never gardened with a toddler before it is, like most everything else with a toddler, a half-hearted-split-eyeball kind of event.

What do I mean by “split eyeballs?”

Let me explain…

I’ll be pulling weeds with one eye, while checking to make sure he hasn’t pulled all the drip lines up with the other.

I’ll be thinning beets with one eye, while at the same time, watching to make sure he hasn’t found any sharp garden tools with the other eye (just once I’d like to see him pick up a shovel rather than a pitchfork.)

Split eye. It’s how a walk around most days.

The other day, while I was watering our newly planted melons, I was also keeping watch to make sure no mischief was going on. I saw Greyson walk up to our bed of baby french radishes that still have about a week or two to mature!

I let in a full breath of air to instruct him away from there…when mid breath, I realized that now was not the time to interrupt. I exhaled and watched our little man so intently pinch the stems of one tiny radish between his tiny fingers, and ever so gently lift it out of the dirt. He brushed it off on his shirt, and went in for a nibble.

He was learning.SONY DSC

It was one of those moments that made me feel like I’ve been getting it all wrong.

“Just tear it all apart!” I thought. “If all this is just for that. I’ll be happy.” I wasn’t split-eyed in that moment. I was focused on just on thing–one very important task, his task; while all the “big” items on my to do list were no where to be found.

That was a beautiful place to be, and it started with one tiny radish. A realization that someone else’s agenda might just be different than mine, and maybe more important. More him, less me=happiness–motherhood lesson number 1,208,847,333.SONY DSC

Love, Grey & Brianna


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