Did We Ever Talk About Easter?

SONY DSCNo. We didn’t. Because I have been a bit behind the ball keeping up with all this techie stuff. Plus, Easter was pretty quiet.

SONY DSCIt was rainy so we hunted for eggs inside, before breakfast. Greyson found some plastic eggs containing a few raisins to be quite a treat…and we found these not so good for us cinnamon coffee cake muffins to be pretty delightful for our Easter celebration. SONY DSCGreyson got a little rambunctious during church. I tried to hold him off from becoming a complete distraction, with some blue playdough he found amongst a bunch of carrots, on his Easter egg hunt. We ended up outside…like usual. SONY DSC

After a quick snooze, we got dressed down into our comfy clothes to visit with family…and eat waaaayyyy too much citrus for one day.SONY DSCLike I said, Easter was pretty quiet, rainy, and about two weeks ago. So there you have it.

Happy Sunday, friends.

Love, Grey & Brianna


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