Weeds, Thunder, and Crunchy Bean Soup.

SONY DSCThe weeds are out of control. Friday and Saturday Greyson and I tackled some of what has been taking over our garden. It’s cyclical…I’ve come to accept that for the sake of my sanity.SONY DSC

We had a pretty nice thunderstorm roll in Sunday afternoon. It started while I was reading my latest book (very insightful by the way!) tucked under a blanket with a cup of tea.

The pounding on the metal roof woke Greyson up from his afternoon nap. This was his third serious thunderstorm in his entire life (I wrote about the first one over a year ago!)

So a thorough lesson about thunder and lightning were absolutely necessary….so his uncertain wide eyes, that followed the boom and grumble, would be calmed.


Grey came home with a coconut water for Greyson, a kombucha for himself, and a 72% dark chocolate bar for me….yum. 😉SONY DSCWe moved our seedlings inside and ate the bean, sausage, and vegetable soup I made in our crockpot…. before the beans were completely finished cooking. Delicious…and crunchy?

That one may need to be refined a bit. 😉SONY DSC

Happy Monday, friends.

Love, Grey & Brianna


3 thoughts on “Weeds, Thunder, and Crunchy Bean Soup.

    1. Hahaha! Thank Rosie. I’ve been running all over the place making up for lost time. The computer is usually one of the first things to get dropped off my to do list. See you Sunday! (probably) 🙂

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