A Day Spent with Family.

SONY DSCWe took a trip to visit some extended family this weekend.

SONY DSCWe packed some healthy snacks.SONY DSC

..and got the day started off bright and early….SONY DSCWhich was a good thing because it was a lot of driving for one particular member of our roadtrip crew…so we made plenty of stops to get all the wiggles out. SONY DSC...and, believe me, there were a lot of wiggles.


We had lunch, and spent the afternoon with my grandparents and Auntie. It was quite a lovely afternoon.

SONY DSCMy beautiful grandma….can you believe she is turning 80 years old this year?! Me neither! SONY DSCGreyson packed around, and drank a giant water bottle full of coconut water mixed with regular water. ….which kind of just looked like dirty regular water. SONY DSCGrey and I take the same photo in the same spot every time we visit my grandparents….this edition makes me laugh…

After a walk out to the garden, we went inside.SONY DSCGreyson and myself opened up some gifts. SONY DSCI can’t reveal what he got, because it may or may not have been a pretty cute Easter outfit, which of course has to be saved for Easter!


After almost having a “I need a nap” breakdown, Greyson got a second wind before we left. He played with Auntie, had fruit with Grandma, and offered to try my grandpa’s sunglasses on everyone.

We hit the road, and got two gigantic salads for dinner before heading home. …SONY DSC

…from a day spent with family. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Love, Grey & Brianna

P.S. A few seconds after we took that picture, Greyson finally got his nap. Can you tell that’s what he had on his mind? 😉




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