If It Has Wheels…

SONY DSC Our boy loves anything that has wheels. Anything with a steering wheel. ….and especially anything that is motorized. His big brown boy eyes oogle at the possibility of vroom! vroom! vvvvrrrooooommmmm!SONY DSC We spend our days going for rides in the wagon, loading up our Tonka dump truck with rocks, riding the Yamaha and giggling with delight of HIS hands turning the steering wheel, and bringing a pair of cars to his dad, so they can play at the kitchen table together. SONY DSCI never knew my house would be filled with so many wheels. SONY DSCCars in the bathtub, toy garbage truck in the hallway, ride along music parade in the kitchen, chevron vehicles (you know the ones with the eyes?) on the stairs. He points at other cars while we are in the car. He’s got a big boy steering wheel that sits in his lap while we are in the car too. SONY DSCIf its got wheels.. we’re all about it these days.

Love, Grey & Brianna



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