How to Make Mint Tea

SONY DSCI’ve been drinking quite a bit of mint tea since I have been pregnant because it is so relaxing in the afternoon.

Mint, peppermint more specifically, has many health benefits including: stress reduction, lowering appetite, and soothing an aching tummy.

There are many ways to make mint tea, if you have a teapot, or french press available your method may look different. Usually I am just making one cup, so I don’t bother taking out our teapot, and this is the method I use.


STEP 1: Cut (or buy) some fresh mint (spearmint, peppermint, chocolate mint, whatever you prefer).SONY DSCSONY DSC

STEP 2: Wash leaves

STEP 3: Pluck of some fresh leaves from the stalk. (More if you like your tea strong, less if you just like a hint of mint.)SONY DSC

STEP 4: Add some boiling water to a 16 oz mason jar.SONY DSC

STEP 5: Drop mint leaves into boiling water.SONY DSC

STEP 6: Let the leaves steep for about 3-7 minutes, depending on how strong you want your tea.SONY DSC

STEP 7: Set up a strainer in another mason jar.(you can use cheese cloth for this step as well.)SONY DSC

STEP 8: When the tea is done steeping, pour into the second mason jar with the strainer.SONY DSCSONY DSCSTEP 9: Remove the strainer.


STEP 10: Add honey, raw sugar, or even a splash of whole milk if you want. (I like mine straight.)SONY DSC

STEP 11: Enjoy.

Love, Grey & Brianna

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