Scenes From the Weekend.

SONY DSCHope everyone had a nice Valentine’s day. We spent the evening at home with good music, and a delicious dinner of: filet mignon, braised potatoes, and asparagus with browned butter.

On Sunday morning, Greyson and I went outside to enjoy the absolutely beautiful weather we’ve been having (it seriously feels like spring!!!). He piled up his dump truck with rocks, and proceeded to dump them out again…and again….and again…and again….and…. (I’m done), while I caught up with my journaling.

SONY DSCI also had a 70th birthday party to attend on Sunday.  Grey had to get an old air conditioning unit out of the house. So I loaded Greyson up, and we took a trip down my Uncle’s house to enjoy family and pizza. 😉

The birthday boy himself ;).
The birthday boy himself ;).


The highlight of the trip was when Greyson got to do the coolest thing for a one and a half year old boy. 😉 Oh the joy…SONY DSCSONY DSC

..Oh and remembering days past…guess who’s in the front seat of that tractor way back when? 😉 SONY DSCHappy Monday 🙂

Love, Grey & Brianna


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