Sunday Puddle Jumping

It started innocently enough on Friday night when a storm blew through, and left us unexpectedly with no power. We were almost ready to go to bed, but I had to finish up the dinner dishes while Grey was tucking Greyson in.SONY DSC We gathered the flashlights around the house. I finished cleaning up the kitchen holding a flashlight under one arm. Grey came downstairs and we made a plan for the rest of the night and the next day…if we happen to still have no power by morning.

We did though. It came back on sometime during the night. (hallelujah!)

Sunday morning came with more rain. Lots of rain. We gathered everything up and made it to church and back.

The house was quiet, while I put together snack packs for the week, and put out a few more Valentine’s day things. We made an early dinner of our favorite pizza.

It was the perfect time on Sunday afternoon to take Greyson outside to play, once the rain lifted. We pulled on our rubber boots, and found all the puddles we could find to stomp and splash through.SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSC Our neighbors have sheep. We walked on over to see if we could see any, but they were all were tucked away from the cold weather, so Greyson and I walked back to tuck away in our own little house.

SONY DSCWe found some pink construction paper for… Valentine’s day crafts!SONY DSC Sadly, the crayons looked more interesting to eat, in between scribbles so it only lasted for about 20 minutes.  SONY DSCHope everyone had a fantastic weekend!!


Love, Grey & Brianna


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