A Homemade Bubbles Recipe

SONY DSCLast Friday, we were looking to get out of the house for the afternoon. Grey and Greyson still had the sniffles so we wanted to stay close, but still get out and enjoy the beautiful weather. Grey and I pulled two chairs out to the middle of the lawn. Grey started sorting seeds, I was enjoying the sun, and Greyson looked bored. SONY DSCIt was the perfect bubble blowing day, but we used up all of our ninja turtle bubbles he got on Halloween, so I made him some. SONY DSCHe had fun making and blowing the bubbles with me. Greyson and I played for about 40 minutes before he was ready to go back inside for a snack.SONY DSC Of course, being a boy, his favorite part  was when the bubbles turned into slow-moving ninja stars that made the victim fall to the ground if hit.SONY DSC There was a lot of laughing, over this silliness. Here’s the recipe:

Homemade Bubbles


3 tablespoons of good quality dish soap (we used Dawn)

1 Quart size jar

1 wand for blowing bubbles


Add the dish soap to the bottom of the jar. Slowly fill the jar halfway with water. Stir in the soap so it is evenly dispersed. With a spoon skim off any foam from the top. When blowing bubbles occasionally give the mixture.

Have fun with your littles,

Love, Grey & Brianna



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