Weeding is…

SONY DSCWe’ve been doing a lot of weeding in the garden lately because over the holidays things got a little out of hand. SONY DSCWeeding is one of those tasks that is never-ending, like laundry, dishes or sweeping bits of food from underneath a high chair. It’s probably one of the least adored tasks of most gardeners, including myself.SONY DSCI’ve been going out everyday and bed by bed plucking out little plants that might have had a chance anywhere else but in our garden beds.SONY DSC I’ve noticed though, like most things that I put off, weeding isn’t that terrible, when I’m in the midst of it, it’s the thought of getting out there and actually doing it.SONY DSC Once I’m knelt down in the beds with my gloves on, pulling out weed after weed in the cold weather it is quite methodical. Greyson runs around and finds tools to help me with the job.SONY DSC I notice insects and life that I normally just walk right over.

 It’s quiet, it’s relaxing, it’s time outdoors, it’s productive, it’s time to contemplate, and time to spend alongside loved ones. SONY DSC For me the best way to get the weeding done is to focus on what is lovely about the process….since it’s got to get done no matter what attitude I have about it.

Love, Grey & Brianna


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