A Saturday Sunset, A Sleepy Sunday, and Gopherin’: Our Weekend

You know it’s a good weekend when Saturday ends like this.

SONY DSCThese are unedited so you can see the absolute gorgeousness of the sky. I spotted the sky from a west facing window in our house while Greyson and I were playing after dinner. Grey comes running in saying “come outside!”

“What? For that?” I pointed out the window.

From inside it looked like a pretty light pink and periwinkle dotted evening sky, but when I stepped outside and rounded the corner…. Red! Orange! Yellow! I immediately grabbed my camera and ran across the lawn to take pictures without the poplars blocking my view. So…in case you missed it…or were looking at it from inside….Here it is again.SONY DSC

After Greyson was finished wiggling around and being slightly disruptive during church, we went home to let the people around us at least hear the end of the message. He fell asleep on the way home which explains this and every Sunday’s busy-right-before-he-needs-a-nap-crazies during church.SONY DSC

Grey and I went out to the garden to map out where exactly we are going to plant all of the seeds we ordered, when Grey spotted a suspicious gopher looking mound.SONY DSC He immediately started digging the garden up to find the tunnel when we realized we could get the job done much faster with…………with…………The Flash! 😉 I grabbed Flash and got him all hyped up for something good. Something he’s never seen before. He had a few lessons…then he was on ‘em! SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCThrowing a puppy in your garden is the perfect aesthetic accompaniment to beautiful in between stage our garden is in right now.SONY DSCSONY DSC He had  a good afternoon though. We went in and had leftover Kale, Brown, Rice and White Bean soup for lunch. I’ll be sharing the recipe tomorrow. Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Love, Grey & Brianna



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