Seasons Change.

SONY DSCI don’t have one particular season in mind as “my favorite.” More specifically, I love the change of every season.

When it is late spring, and the first sound of kiddos swimming around, laughing, and splashing hits my ears I can’t help but to smile at summer’s absolute arrival. Summer brings a relief in knowing that most of the hardest work is done, in the garden, we can enjoy the harvest, and relax. It also brings: BBQ, flip flops, hammocks, summer reading lists, iced tea, peaches, figs, grapes, melons, plums, shorts, vacation and sunhats. But just when exhaustion starts to hit from all of the summer play and heat, a sweep of fall brushes over my skin queuing the slow down season.

Leaves start to fall. I’ll unbox my scarves, hats, and boots, and instinctively fill our home with dark brown, moss green, and deep mahogany colored decor. Festivals and family consume my thoughts, and pumpkin somehow makes it into our meals on a regular basis. I love this season, and how it perfectly transitions into the leafless trees of winter.

The cold days of winter forces us into hibernation mode. The garden doesn’t need much work in the winter as it is rain-watered. All that is asked of us is to pull on some rubber boots, and to keep on eye on various pests that love the same cabbages that we do. The wall of comfort upon entering a warm home with an arm full of wet root and cruciferous vegetables; is immense in the winter time. Different types of soups are regularly bubbling away on the stove which gently nudge to the senses: “you’re home.”

That’s where we are now,  in the middle of January when sweaters and hot tea are essential. But even deep within a season’s own beauty our senses can be awakened by one thing. One smell, thought, taste, or feeling of a warm spring day that reminds us that it’s on its way. “Go clean up some terra-cotta pots,” this warm day tells me, “and buy a new pair of gardening gloves.A shift is coming. Rise up, get ready for work, spring is almost here….”

Love, Grey & Brianna


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