SONY DSCThis is what our kitchen table looks like at the moment. Our seeds arrived the day before yesterday, and they have well…taken over. Crop rotation can be tricky, and the only way to know you’ve got it right is to configure the “plants-to-be in” every formation possible…in the most convenient location, of course.

SONY DSCNow that our phones are working again, Greyson’s been getting back to his pressing business matters with someone connected to the number 225633332233666666145262…with a number like that, they must be important.


Though strolling out to the garden everyday to gather various bits of produce for meals is quite lovely, there’s nothing like opening your front door, reaching your hand ‘round the corner, and grabbing a handful of mint for some mint tea. The new year and fresh mint–my afternoon bliss right now.SONY DSC

On the less beautiful. and more practical side of things my husband has been pulling leaves from plants, we have taken out, and throwing them on vacant beds…to keep the worms warm (yes, I said keep the worms warm) during these chilly days and nights.

Who needs a stunningly beautiful winter garden? …we’ve got worms to tend to. …and he’s right…so I tell myself every time I walk by these piles…”It’s for the worms…. It’s for the worms….It’s for the worms…”SONY DSCOne of my absolute favorite things,lately, is how excited our boy gets when Grey come home. SONY DSC

…he must get it from his Mama. ❤

Have a wonderful January.

Love, Grey & Brianna


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