Kale-Apple Juice with Mint

SONY DSCWe prefer to cook and eat our fruit and veggies around our house, but do pull out the juicer to make some fresh juices occasionally , especially when the garden is producing healthily. SONY DSCJuicing is a convenient way to use up an abundance of fruits and veggies from the garden, and still be able to compost the pulp. This is one of my favorites, (and Greyson’s!) because the apple really overpowers the strong grassy taste of the kale, and the mint adds a cool freshness to the juice. Enjoy!SONY DSC

Kale-Apple Juice with Mint


5 kale leaves

1 sprig of mint

4 apples

equipment needed: juicer


Wash all ingredients thoroughly, being sure to check the underside the kale leaves. Core and slice apples. Turn on your juicer and slowly feed the kale through, then the sprig of mint, and finally the apples. Most of the juice will run out of the juicer once the apples are fed through. Serve with ice or at room temperature, and drink immediately.

Love, Grey & Brianna


P.S. Greyson and I have been collaborating on a post about how to get kiddos to love eating healthy 😉


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