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This Is Our Last Blog Post.

Dear Friends,

This is our last blog post. Despite the previous post, which announced the continuation of this blog into this year, I will not continue writing for

I started this journey a year and a half ago, by documenting our hike up Brokeoff Mountain on the Fourth of July. Since then, this space online, has blossomed into a place where we cataloged our favorite recipes, trips taken, family events, and even the birth of our son. I have enjoyed every bit of it, and am so glad I published that first post seventeen months ago.

I nurtured my love for photography, writing, and cooking through this blog. I don’t want this text to come off sounding sad, because the truth is I still like those things, as a matter of fact, I still enjoy blogging…very much, and may even blog if in the future if God asks me to. Now though, is a time to draw close to Him and my family. Time is the greatest gift we can give anyone, because we can never get any more of it.

After this blog is gone, Grey and I will still be in our kitchen debating whether to put crushed pistacios into the brussels sprouts, like we did on Christmas night. We will continue our journey of cooking and eating nutrient rich foods.  …and we will still be loving our little man like crazy. I’ll still be writing him monthly letters to his future self, and showing him the wonders of this world. …I’m just not going to publicly blog about it.

I feel honored to have written this blog for those of you who have invested the time to read it. I am thankful for extended communication with people through social media, blogs, e-mail etc. to share and connect with friends, future friends, and family.

This life is an incredible journey, and I pray you never stop growing, learning, and seeking God. For me, this year marks a fork in the road, and my call now is to deepen my relationships with family on a more personal level. I am not sure yet, what He has planned for our little family, but I know it will be wonderful (Jeremiah 29:11). ….and…  that He is asking me to devote my time to building a stronger relationship with Him (James 4:8), and to love people (2 John 1:6)…and, for now, that’s all I need to know.

I hope this blog was a blessing to you and your family, and pray that your time is well spent.

Love, Grey, Brianna, and Greyson. 


5 thoughts on “This Is Our Last Blog Post.

  1. I will miss your blog, but totally understand. Life has many turns and curves, glad you listen to your heart. Continue your beautiful life with your amazing family! Maybe we will meet up someday at TFFC!

  2. God bless your little family this year and always! It sounds like you have made a wise choice too deepenyour relationships and spend more time with your family and growing in your faith in God. This from a grandmother who’s been married 37 years. *hugs*

  3. Brianna,

    I wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading your blogs from time to time. You certainly are One Ambitious gal!
    My hubby (Dave) and I are Coco’s Uncle Dave and Aunt Trina 🙂 . Dave being Donna’s brother.

    Our youngest daughter, Jaclyn, just had her first-born Aug. 27, 2014, and he is close to your son’s age! It has been fun reading all the fun you have had raising him to this point. I asked Jaclyn to send us daily pics of our gr.son since they live in Missouri. They grow So Quickly!
    Enjoy each day and cherish every moment. I know you will.

    Please tell Coco and Glen hi for us, as we haven’t seen them in years! Love to you and all the family, Trina

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