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The Morning After it Snowed Where it Never Snows.

SONY DSCWe woke up early, like it was Christmas morning…and we were seven years old. ūüėČ We threw on clothes as fast as we could, then bundled Greyson with clothes right over his footie pajamas. We decided earlier in the week, that Saturday we would take our Christmas card photo….little did we know it would have the perfect winter wonderland backdrop–right from our front yard! SONY DSC
Everything looked so bright, “wintery,” and pretty with snow covering it.SONY DSC
We were not properly equipped with snow clothes, especially for Greyson. I used socks for mittens for the little man, who hasn’t been to the snow yet.SONY DSC

We took a drive to go pick up Malla-Mal and her mama, and to see what our snow capped town looked like.SONY DSC
I sipped hot coffee, and marveled at lamp posts that looked like they were straight out of a Thomas Kinkade Christmas painting.

We saw a little deer running and frolicking in the snowSONY DSC

Is this a dream?!?! I was about to be seriously upset if I woke up and none of it was actually happening….but I didn’t wake up.

We brought back the Mallinator, had snowball fights, played with the dog, made a wimpy snowman, and just enjoyed this beautiful blessing. SONY DSC
 Our poor chickens!SONY DSC
Remember when I planted this back in September?SONY DSC
Snowball fights!SONY DSC
The horses.SONY DSC
Hilarious Ty.SONY DSC
¬†Mallie’s snow angel.SONY DSCSONY DSC
 The snowman.SONY DSC
The smiles!SONY DSC
…and the exhaustion.SONY DSC
Happy Winter (even-though-it’s-still-technically-fall) friends!

Love, Brianna 


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