GRATITUDE · Holidays

The Night it Snowed Where it Never Snows.

SONY DSC…well it very rarely snows…I’m pretty sure the last time it did, I was in junior high….and I think before that, it hadn’t snowed for fifteen years. So snow is a pretty big deal to us. We called everyone we know…and I, apparently, just took pictures of snowflakes with fuzzy images in the background.SONY DSC Around 8:00 at night, I had just tucked Greyson into bed, and it started to snow.SONY DSC “Look it’s snowing!” I felt butterflies in my tummy just like I did on Christmas morning as a kiddo.SONY DSC The rest of the night was filled with “can you believe this?!”

“Look snow on the cars!”….

.. “snow in the garden!” ….

…“snow in the grass!”….

…you get the picture, everywhere there was snow, there was a little miracle.SONY DSCWe walked around outside, danced, and played–just the two of us. Then we’d run in through the house like a couple of kids to warm up and check on the little man….who was toasty, and tucked away somewhere in dreamland. SONY DSCI couldn’t wait to wake him up the next morning, and show him the sparkly snow blanket covering everything for his first Christmas season.SONY DSCSONY DSCWe both wanted a warm sweet treat, but had barely anything in the cupboards of that description; so I made do, and whipped up little polenta with cinnamon, raisins, and honey, then turned on the Christmas music. 😉SONY DSCThe night was nothing short of lovely. SONY DSCLove, Brianna

Lord, thank you for this wonderful winter treat!


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