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How We Spent Black Friday.

SONY DSCThe day after Thanksgiving, we loaded up our turkey-and-gravy-stuffed-selves into Grey’s mama’s pickup to go cut down our Christmas tree. …(we don’t waste any time between Thanksgiving and Christmas!) …on to the next holiday! 🙂 I got our bags packed, and Greyson all bundled up because we were going to Grey’s family mountain cabin, and would be spending all day drinking hot cocoa, visiting, and picking out our Christmas trees.SONY DSC Once we got to the cabin, we started the stove so it would be nice and warm when we got back. SONY DSCI had a delicious cup of hot chocolate with those mint chocolate marshmallows. Has anyone else tried those yet?…yum. 🙂 Our sweet boy hasn’t taken a trip to the cabin yet, so we marked how tall he was on next to the doorway off of the kitchen.SONY DSC Once we got to the Christmas tree grove that Grey’s mama spotted back in October (while deer hunting,) we grabbed our pre-cut little pieces of orange yarn and started marking trees. SONY DSCWe figured we would mark all the trees that were candidates for Greyson’s first Christmas tree, then go back and make our decision after we had seen them all. There were a few other families out scouting trees as well. We marked probably about fifteen trees before deciding to go back to one we just knew was “our tree.” Except nothing was left but a little stump. SONY DSCNo tree… and no little orange piece of yarn that we placed saying this tree is taken. I guess it doesn’t technically ensure that no one else will chop down a baby’s first Christmas tree, even though they saw us marking the trees….but that’s not the point.

I guess what I’m saying is…Greyson’s first Christmas tree was stolen. I’m assuming by the Grinch…yes the one that stole Christmas. A little part of me still thinks that whoever swiped our tree will come racing down a snowy mountain with a sleigh full of other trees, toys, and even crumbs from Christmas mice on Christmas morning as we joyfully sing about the meaning of Christmas.

…..except we don’t live next to a snowy mountain.SONY DSC

hmmmm…..It seems we were in quite the predicament….

Anyways….We found another tree that was nice, and loaded up (Greyson’s second) Christmas tree. SONY DSC This is how Greyson stayed for most of the day. All wrapped up in his daddy’s coat (either warn by his daddy or Auntie or ummie.) SONY DSC



SONY DSC….while we walked back, we playedSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSC…and teasedSONY DSC …and loved.SONY DSCSONY DSC…and enjoyed the pretty outdoorsSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSC ….and that’s how we spent black Friday.

Love, Grey & Brianna


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