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Our Thanksgiving.

SONY DSCDear Friends,

Happy December. This is the first day of my favorite month, there are so many goodies, happy music, and family gatherings to come. I gladly welcome December every year! 

Last Thursday, we officially closed the harvest season by celebrating Thanksgiving. It was a day of lots of cooking, lots of family, lots of eating, lots of talking, lots of joy, and did I mention lots of eating?SONY DSC

I started the day by baking an apple pie, for Grey’s family gathering later that evening.

Our game plan for the day?…

Grey would spend the day watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade at his sister’s house, and resting up for the big Thanksgiving dinner at my parents’ house later that evening……. While I would make some side dishes at our house, then rush over to help my mama in the kitchen before guests arrived for dinner……After dinner at my parents’ house, we would go to Grey’s sisters’s house, in town, and catch up with his family before driving to the other side of town to have dessert at his Aunt’s mother and father-in-law’s house…..Then we would get back into the car if we could manage to stuff our overly fed bodies into it, and drive home, wishing we didn’t eat as much as we did.

It really was quite simpler than it sounds. 😉

Anyways…My dad started the turkey in the barrel around noonish (I am now convinced this is the best way to make a Thanksgiving day turkey.)SONY DSCSONY DSCJon and Mike were the first ones to show up.SONY DSC As soon as they had arrived, the guys lit the burn pileSONY DSC….and my bro kept an eye on it for the rest of the evening.SONY DSCInside, my mama and I were getting all of the yummy snacks ready to hold everyone over until dinner was ready.SONY DSC Next, my Aunt Phyllis & Uncle Jon, (who had not met our little man until last Thursday!) Grandma, and Grandpa arrived. They spent some overdue time with our little guy…well…once he woke up from his afternoon nap. SONY DSC

1-image (3)Taken by Auntie Phyllis

1-imageSONY DSC SONY DSCAfter that, there was not a shortage of helping hands to hold, change, love, and keep this little guy busy for the rest of the night. 😉SONY DSCPretty soon more and more family started to trickle in, the sun started to set, and dinner was almost ready. Which meant it was time for me to go pick up Grey.SONY DSC They were carving the turkey when we got back…and opening the champane and sparkling apple cider. SONY DSCSONY DSCDinner needed a few last finishing touches like heating the rolls, toasting the marshmallows on the (best) candied yams, and making sure we had enough silverware. SONY DSCA few of the rolls got a little too warm…SONY DSC….so we re-warmed a new batch.SONY DSCWe filled our plates. Ate. Then filled them again. SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCAfter dinner we all gathered around to take the annual Thanksgiving group photo. SONY DSCThen, Grey and I grabbed the apple pie, I baked earlier, and headed to have dessert with Grey’s family.SONY DSCWe took some pictures with Greyson’s other great grandpa and him, which I will be sharing tomorrow on the blog. Then we (meaning I) ate apple pie a la mode to top off another crazy-perfect-ate-too-much-on-Thanksgiving.

Love, Brianna

**Photo Credit to my Auntie who took a handful of these photos and who I probably inherited my “picture taking-ness” from. 


2 thoughts on “Our Thanksgiving.

  1. Love seeing all that your family did on Thanksgiving. Miss seeing you, and your dad. Used to see him so often in the gym, and of course I miss seeing you when we would change shifts. Look forward to all of your posts, your life is such a delight to watch it grow.
    Enjoy life!

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