GRATITUDE · Kitchen Table · Monthly Things.

October Things.

1-2013 GREYSON MONTH 41. Discovered the “joys” of one-handed motherhood….which brought me to appreciating lots of articles, posts, and books about: slowing down, SIMPLIFYING, and enjoying life.

2. Went to The GREAT pumpkin festival!

3. Plenty of baking this month!

4. There are tons of birthdays in our family through the month of October

5. This was my favorite recipe of the month!

6. Greyson turned 3 months old.

7. Discovered that the ants took over the garden.

8. Read this book.

9. Carved pumpkins.

10. Greyson dressed up (as a monkey!) for Halloween, and attended Hallelujah night at church.

Love, Brianna. 


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