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Book, Coffee, Biscotti: The Power of a Praying Parent

SONY DSCThe Power of a Praying Parent by Stormie Omartian is such a useful TOOL. I read the entire thing all the way through, but (just like “The Power of a Praying Wife,”) I will be keeping this book by my bedside.

Each chapter addresses a new topic such as “releasing my child into God’s hands,” “instilling the desire to learn,” or “identifying God given talents.” Then has a prayer at the end of each chapter as an example of how to pray for your child in that specific area.

I’m always drawn to books that use The Bible as the foundation for the book, and The Power of a Praying Parent was laced with tons of scripture. After the prayer, at the end of each chapter, there are a few scriptures to support what the author is claiming. One of my favorite chapters encourages parents to pray over their children in the area of speaking life. It is one of the most important lessons, I think, to teach a child (and adults!) that often goes unaddressed.“Equip him to know how, what, and when to speak to anyone in any situation. Enable him to always speak words of hope, health, encouragement, and life, and to resolve that his mouth will not sin (pg 120).

That was just one little snippet of the prayer that closes that chapter…and the book is full of them. I encourage any parent that has young children to get this book, read it, and get to praying over your little ones!

Love, Brianna



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