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The Ants Go Marching One…by One Zillion.

SONY DSCToday’s post is dedicated to one of my favorite insects: ants. They are so cute and tiny. I love everything about them. Their crawly little legs and delicate antennas. I was thrilled when I found out that they loved our house, and sweet treats as much as I did. It’s like we were a match made in heaven….

….I was ecstatic when I saw that our ants (our many ants) even liked things that ants are not supposed to like: cucumber…hamburger…celery! Our ants must have been so overwhelmed with my love for them that they called all of their ant friends.

They all hid in our cupboards night after night, and watched me meticulously put away every morsel of food….every crumb…and disinfect every square inch of our kitchen–so I wasn’t knee deep in them come morning time. They must have all been giggling in their new found ant farm  (that time I forgot to seal up the brown sugar) and was RIGHT in the middle of making a beautiful peach cobbler. Oh but how I love ants!

..I was starting to loose sleep thinking about how much peace these ants bring me day after day.

Something had to be done. So I called a guy–and he came out to our house, and magically all of the ants are gone. No more inch thick wide trails of ants to salute me good morning, no more brown sugar ant farms.

 Grey and I had a wonderful summer enjoying the fruits of our garden, cooking, and just being in our cozy little kitchen….but something was missing–our six legged buddies. I was starting to get lonely without their constant company in the kitchen. Where could the ants have gone?!!!!

SONY DSCLast week, I was busy moping around, when I thought I’d better get started on prepping the soil for our winter garden. Because (my oh my) was our garden in need of some love. So I started pulling out the butternut squash, dried up corn stalks, and weeds. Raking, shoveling, and turning our soil.

….when I felt an old familiar tickle, and I looked down….Henry! Bob! George! Gertrude! Your all here! In our garden of course! Why didn’t I think to look here?! Oh…It looks like there are more of you. Fantastic. The more the merrier, is what I always say….ESPECIALLY when it comes to ants. Because, boy, do I just adore ants.

*Insert me feeling completely defeated then spending the rest of the afternoon, searching organic methods of getting rid of ants in the garden. I found nothing that seemed to address ants by the zillion. So I drown them. I literally looked like a crazy women out in the garden with my rubber boots and a high pressure hose, drowning our ants. To make matters worse, for the last three days I can’t stop myself from singing “the ants go marching one by one hurrah! hurrah!…the ants go marching one by one hurrah! hurrah! the ants to marching one my one the little one stops to laugh at Brianna, and they all go marching down to the (garden) ground to get out of the rain…boom boom boom…” *

Love, Brianna. 


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