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Dear Greyson.

SONY DSCDear Greyson,

You’re three months old today, and your cute “babyness” is in full swing. Every morning while I’m downstairs getting dressed, I hear you talking up a storm upstairs in your crib. If I’m not prompt to get you out of your bed, and say good morning as soon as you wake up, you then (loudly) tell me about it. SONY DSCWe go downstairs, change, and have something to eat. You are so smiley in the morning time.SONY DSC You love the outdoors and look forward to our morning walks. SONY DSCWe feed the chickens, and water the plants after taking a little stroll around the yard. I’m trying to utilize this good weather as much as I can before the rainy season gets here. You did, however, experience your first thunderstorm this month.SONY DSC It was just you, me, and your daddy home all snuggled up inside.

You bring so much joy to our hearts everyday with your big smiles and now even bigger laughs. SONY DSCYou laughed for the first time at your Grandma and Grandpa’s house for your grandma when she lifted you up in the air again and again. SONY DSCWe were there for your grandpa’s 48th birthday. Your dad and I were in the other room, and came rushing in when we heard the sweetest sound of you and your tiny belly roll laughs for the first time. Since then, you have been laughing almost every time we play.SONY DSC

I remember in the dead heat of summer telling you all about fall-time, and how we are going to pick apples, wear sweaters, play in the leaves, and go to a pumpkin patch.

Now, we have officially marked off one of the most traditional first fall-time activities by going to the Julia’s great pumpkin festival this month too see all of the different kinds of pumpkins. SONY DSCI can’t wait to show you the rest of my favorite season. Happy three month birthday, Greyson. SONY DSCAlways know your mama and daddy love you, and God loves you even more. Your life is, and always will be abundantly blessed.

Love, your Mama.



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