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Calico Fair Fun Run & October Birthdays

SONY DSCOver the weekend, we had a fairly busy Saturday and a VERY lazy Sunday… know to make up for the “busy-ness” of Saturday. 😉 I got up around 6:30am on Saturday morning to get dressed,eat breakfast, and to prepare for my first race after having Greyson.SONY DSC I ran the Calico Fair Fun Run 5k last year. This year, I had taken a little nine month detour in my training, 😉 so I planned on taking things nice and easy. I didn’t look at my time, placing, or anything that would assess the quality of the run. Because I didn’t matter…and because I didn’t want to mildly depress myself. 😉SONY DSC I ran with my parents by my side, until the last little stretch when I decided that I needed to just run ’til the finish.SONY DSCGrey and Greyson were there when I crossed the finish line. We grabbed a couple snacks and headed home to rest up before getting ready to go to Grey’s second cousins birthday party in the park (in the afternoon) and my Dad’s birthday dinner later that evening.

While at the park, we caught up with family and enjoyed watching the little ones go up the jungle gym and down the slide again and again. Miss Mal would come down with such enthusiasm screaming “I schlide! I Schlide! SONY DSCOnce at home, we enjoyed some chips and some DELICOUS homemade salsa.SONY DSC

At my parent’s house I mostly held Greyson ’cause that is what he was in the mood for, and then enjoyed a dinner of hamburgers, sweet potato fries, fruit, and cold slaw. SONY DSCAfter dinner, we sat around chatting about what movies are good and what movies are most definitely not. We (obviously) never all came to a consensus about the matter, and inevitably got tired.SONY DSC Grey, Greyson, and I wished my dad happy birthday one more time and headed home after quite a busy Saturday.

The End.

Love, Brianna


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