GRATITUDE · Homestead


SONY DSC Since Greyson was born, I haven’t done much updating about our chicken flock. They’re all doing well. We’ve moved them outside so they roam freely during the day. SONY DSCThen Grey puts them up at night. They seem to like it, though I have noticed a decrease in their egg production. I’m in the process of researching their nutrition requirements to see if our current feed is adequate. All I do know is: meal worms? They love ’em.SONY DSC

We’re learning more and more about there individual personalities each day. Like Monkey here. She is our favorite, and our only banty. She is super sassy and according to Grey, has a pretty good vertical. SONY DSCLast week she got startled by something and jumped straight up into the air.

…and we have these two white birds that are inseparable…

….so inseparable, they look like synchronized swimmers when they are out and about….

….When one goes left..the other goes left….

….When one walks in a straight line the other walks in a straight line….

…When one pecks pecks pecks at the ground the other pecks pecks pecks at the ground….

…When one runs the other runs….

…One one ….okay I’m done. Needless to say they are our twinsies. Or Besties that look like twinsies.SONY DSCWe’re going to have to name them Laverne and Shirley or Lucille Ball and Vivian Vance….. Well, there’s still time to work out all of the details of their proper names. 😉

Go hug your best friend,

Love Brianna. 


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