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Dear Greyson.

SONY DSCDear Greyson,

Thursday marked your two month birthday. Your Great Grandma Georgine called to sing you the annual “happy birthday” song on the telephone, that I have been getting since I was born.SONY DSC

You are the happiest, sweetest baby I’ve ever known….and I’m not just saying that because I’m your mama. 😉 You really are such a light in your daddy and I’s life. We laugh at your stoic “Russell Crowe Face,” and cried when you got sick for the first time.SONY DSC You on the other hand, took your first little cold like a champ. Only fussing, like the usual, when it was time to eat, or go for a little walk-about. You sniffled, coughed, and sneezed…but no whining.SONY DSC Nope, not from our Greyson with eyebrows like a grown man who just got back from a great adventure, and has a story to tell.SONY DSC

You went on your own little adventure this month when we took you on your first road trip to see your great grandparents in Sonoma.SONY DSC You rode in the car so well, like you do on our (almost daily) trips to town. That’s another thing… you are your father’s son. You love grocery shopping! We put you and your car seat right into the cart, then one by one pile groceries all around you. You sit so patiently looking around clasping your tiny hands together forming little Charlie Brown Drumstick arms.SONY DSC

You have officially gotten your baby chub, and have the most delicious baby arm rolls I’ve ever seen. I can’t seem to stop kissing you! You receive about 1.2 million kisses a day between me, your grandmas, your auntie Cass, and your sweet cousin Mallie. Mal loves you soooo much. When you come in the room she squeals “bbbaaaabbbbyyyy!!” and comes over to find your piggies, then touches them to her tummy, and giggles with delight like you are tickling her. Who knows…maybe you are. You’ll have to get back to us when you’re older!SONY DSC

You smile every morning after you eat and get dressed for the day.SONY DSC You have let out 3 little laughs so far: once for me while looking at your daddy’s picture, once when your Auntie Cass told you that you looked like your daddy, and once for your daddy when you two were just walking around…hmmm I sense a pattern here mister! Your sense of humor is so sweet.SONY DSC Always remember your daddy and I love, and like everything about you Greyson Daniel…and YOU ARE abundantly blessed.


Love, Your Mama. 


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