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What Greyson’s Reading Now.


I’ve read to Greyson since the day he was born. I think books are such an important part of a child’s development so I make sure to incorporate them almost everyday. We enjoy fun books that teach valuable life lessons. Here’s what we’re reading now: 


Photo by firefly books
Photo by firefly books

Love You Forever by Robert Munsch

This is the sweetest book. It is about a mother’s love for her son. It starts when the boy is just a baby and the mother rocking him to sleep singing a the song

I’ll love you forever;

I’ll like you for always;

as long as I’m living;

my baby you’ll be.”

The book progresses as the boy grows older and older and ends with him singing the song to his own daughter.

I remember by sister reading this book to me growing up. The first time I read this book to Greyson though,I balled. Seriously. Not like a few tears as I turned the pages I couldn’t even make out the words. It was pretty ridiculous, so I put the book down, apologized to Greyson, and let him know I would have to practice this one alone few times before we read it together again.

I’m proud to announce, I only tastefully drop a few tears every time we read it. 😉 LESSON/THEME:

  • A parent’s love is unconditional
  • Babies become adults who have babies themselves someday.
  • We often pass on traditions our parents teach us.



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Photo by Barnes & Noble

I Choose you! by John Trent

I adore this book! The story is about Norbert the Little Elephant’s terrible day at school. The book takes place back at his house as he tells his mother about his terrible day. His mom then goes on to explain how much she loves him and that she CHOOSES him because he is the greatest little elephant to her, and to God.

She then tells him that God has such an exciting and wonderful future for him. The book mainly is a lesson teaching parents how to bless their children and the importance of blessing them everyday. The book ends with Deuteronomy 7:6 “The Lord your God has chosen you out of all the peoples on the face of the earth to be his people, his treasured possession.”


  • Blessing children involves touch, words of affirmation, expressing high value in the child, picturing a special future for the child, and making an active commitment in blessing them everyday.




Photo by Powell Books
Photo by Powell Books

The Story of Jesus by Jane Werner Watson

This is a classic, and one of the Little Golden Book series. It is a simplified version of Jesus’ life. It explains how he was born in Bethlehem, helped his dad Joseph with carpentry, and how he started to tell people about the Lord God at a very young age. It goes on to tell that Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist, tempted in the desert, healed the sick, was crucified, and rose to on the third day.


  • The history of the life of Jesus.


We’re currently enjoying these books very much. Hope you enjoy these recommendations for your little ones!

Love, Grey & Brianna





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