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My Sister Moved…out of the Country.



I have some exciting news.My sister left the country…and I don’t mean she left the country for a vacation and will be back in a few weeks with a rockin’ suntan—she like… moved to another country to go to vet school. SONY DSCI can’t say this news is exclusively “exciting,” but more of a discombobulated mess of emotions that are well everywhere.SONY DSC

I feel sad—My sis is no longer one car ride away from going to get mani-pedis together…or getting some coffee…or walking around expensive home décor stores dreaming with empty wallets.SONY DSC

 I feel glad—ecstatic actually, that she is perusing her dream of becoming a veterinarian. It is rare that someone finds identifies their passion, has the drive to achieve the goal, and is able to live happily doing what they love. I would not want anything less for my sister! Plus, for the next three and a half years I get to walk around saying “well because my sister is in vet school,” or “I’ll ask my sister she’s studying abroad to become a veterinarian right now.” Yeah. I won’t enjoy that one bit. 😉SONY DSC

I feel mad—just kidding. I’m not really mad about anything. It just rhymed with the first two points.SONY DSC

I feel proud—I am so proud that my sister will be a Doctor for animals. She is so compassionate to all creatures that cannot speak for themselves. SONY DSC

I feel like I’m gonna miss the heck out of my animal lovin’, fitness fanatic, “there’s no such thing as too much butter, cream, or sugar” sista.

**Prayers, happiness, love, and blessings** sent your way sis. Call, write, and send pictures. … of your new adventure.

Love, Brianna


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