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Dear Greyson.

SONY DSCDear Greyson,

I can’t believe it has already been one month since your daddy and I brought you home.SONY DSC I’ve been trying to enjoy every moment of being a mother since apparently there’s some consensus in the parenting world that “it (growing up) goes by too quickly,” and I believe it. This month flew by.SONY DSC

I remember your first bath. You dad was in the kitchen putting together your tub, while I was pacing you around to calm your fussiness saying:

“Greyson… look.Your daddy is getting your tubby ready…. you’re going to take your first tubby!” I had your little hooded towel, baby wash cloths, the camera, and your Johnson’s sensitive soap for your baby skin all ready to go. I envisioned you sitting so nicely in the tub with tons of bubbles smiling as I snapped pictures of this milestone.SONY DSC

Instead it looked like this: I lowered you onto the drum that was sitting into your baby tub. You gasped and screamed. My hair was falling down as I was trying to hold you into position as I washed you with warm water.

You screamed and cried some more.

“Greyson…what is going on? Don’t you like your tubby? Look at the ducky…It’s alright. There there….”

Then I started singing in attempts to make the situation better. It only made things worse…and slightly comical.

By our second tubby I figured out that you liked to sit down in the water, not up on a drum. A washcloth on your belly made you feel safe. The little electric shower attachment that came with your tubby is ridiculous. And you like to hear stories about Jesus in the tub…not my singing. We figured it out. Just like we figured out so many other things together.SONY DSC

You like sleeping wrapped in the blanket your auntie Angie and auntie Chrissy made you.

Sounds of the ocean, rain, or “twinkle twinkle little star” played on your sound machine lull you to sleep.

Every three hours your ready to eat one day…then every hour the next.

You don’t operate under any specific schedule, and like to keep your mama on her toes.

Pacing the floor, bouncing, and rocking is how we like to spend our “awake” hours.

Car rides are cool as long as we don’t sit at a red light too long.

Evening walks are good.

Bedtime stories are especially delightful.

And when I ask you if you had a nice afternoon nap, I almost always get the cutest, widest, baby grin I’ve ever seen.SONY DSC

You are so precious to us Greyson! Even on the nights when you feel it’s best to sit up rather than sleep I adore you, especially the next morning when we finally get a rest ;).SONY DSC

It amazes me how much love your daddy and I have for you. It seems impossible that God loves you more than we do, but its true. God, your daddy, and I love you, love you, love you more than you will ever know…until you become a daddy yourself someday I suppose. Thank you for being such a sweet boy. Remember you are always liked, loved, and abundantly blessed.

Love, Your Mama.


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