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An Afternoon in Mill Creek

DSCN3297Last weekend we took a trip up to the hills to have lunch at the Mill Creek Resort. We went with Grey’s mimi, papa, dad, mom, sister, brother-in-law, and niece.Grey grabbed the camera, I grabbed the baby, (and the fifteen hundred items that accompany him and the diaper bag) and we headed out.


Then it happened, little man,who was sitting so patiently up to this point started fisting his mouth, salivating, smacking and saying without saying: “Mama, you better feed me ‘for we leave town, or it’s gonna be a long way up to the mountains.” Sooo…we stopped at Mimi’s house so the little man could have a bite to eat before we really got on the road.

The drive was beautiful. As we were driving through the mountain towns surrounding Mill Creek, I apologetically kept interrupting Grey to point out the pretty scenery: “I’m really sorry again, but look at that meadow!”…then I’d roll down my window: “It smells like camping!”

Once we got to the Mill Creek Resort we sat out on the deck to have lunch. The weather was perfect and most everyone got a hamburger which I guess they are known for….and milkshakes after lunch. 😉 It was so nice to sit out, chat, and enjoy the babies. We all went down to take pictures because it was the perfect opportunity to get some family shots, so we grouped up one at a time with our individual families.

Mimi and Papa JohnDSCN3304-001 Coco and GlynnDSCN3323…with the grandbabies DSCN3320 Greyson’s first trip to Mill CreekDSCN3335

Cass, Bub, and Mallie? DSCN3312Oh yeah…somebody was apparently more interested in doing this:DSCN3338…and this:DSCN3340…during her family photo time. We enjoyed watching this piggy tailed sweet two-year-old run, laugh, and play with her uncle. I thought this girl, and her new cousin are going to have some great memories together.

We headed back after feeding Greyson at the last possible minute so might take a nap on the way home. I enjoyed all the trees, the sun, the meadows, and the “camping air” as we left town. We had such a great afternoon. If you haven’t yet been to Mill Creek…it is lovely place to have a family afternoon or weekend. 😉

Love, Brianna