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Book, Coffee, Biscotti: 52 Things Kids Need From a Mom

momI received this book as a gift from Grey’s Auntie shortly after Greyson was born. I was psyched because Grey owns 52 Things Kids Need from a Dad by Jay Payleitner, and I admired the way the book was written and thought it had great scriptural advice for fathers. 52 Things Kids Need from a Mom by Angela Thomas is a parallel of that book for mothers. The chapters are short and easy to read…which is perfect for me right now, since I have about 5 minutes between diaper changes, feedings, bouncy bounce, pacing the kitchen floor, rocking in the rocker all while holding the little man. I’d pick this book up while nursing and one handed read a chapter or two.

I finished the book, but feel like I could go back and read any chapter for reference very easily. It was VERY difficult to narrow my favorite 5 things (out of 52!) but I managed to do it. My top 5 favorite chapters are:

1. To Never Stop Touching Them—She talks about he power of touch in communicating to your children that you love them. Touch also says: “You are home. You are safe. You are accepted. You are welcomed. You are celebrated.” I thought, if all that can come from a gentle hand, a tiny kiss on the forehead, and a big mama hug, I’m down. Of course, she mentions respecting the natural boundaries that come with age. I kiss Greyson about 503,948,086 times a day…and I’m sure in his teenage years physical touch might start to have the opposite effect If I keep that up.

2.To Keep a Date Night With Dad—This one is huge, and probably the most difficult. Grey and I enjoy going on dates together, but since Greyson has been born, most of our spare time is spent just doing the essentials: eating, sleeping,…and if we’re lucky showering ;). She emphasizes the importance of keeping a weekly date night to get rejuvenated and to invest time back into the marriage.

3. To Turn down their beds at night—Turning down their beds at night is such small but meaningful thing that mother’s can do to make kids feel safe and loved. I would imagine that it doesn’t have to specifically be folding down the blankets in the beds shortly before bedtime. It could also be setting out warm clean towels before bath-time, pouring glasses of orange juice in the morning, or getting blankets and hot cocoa ready on a rainy day.

4.To become physically and emotionally healthy—This is one of my number one goals as a mother because without these things (and being spiritually healthy) I’m sure being an effective and loving mother would be much more difficult. By being emotionally, spiritually, and physically healthy we, as mothers, can focus on our children instead of our own undesirable situation.

5. To make a big deal out of God—Our kids need to know Jesus! If we ourselves get excited about God and are consistent about reading His word and acting out our faith, we can get them motivated to have a relationship with Jesus. The author goes on to explain that we have to make a big deal out of God so our children know how awesome He is. Encouraging them not to miss church and/or youth group is crucial for them to get to know their heavenly Father.

These are by far no even close to what this book has to offer as far as inspiration for mothers to provide for their kid’s needs, they are just SOME of my favorite chapters. I encourage every mother (and prospective mother) to read this book! …even if you only have a few minutes at a time.

Love, Brianna. 


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