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August: What’s in the Garden Now.

SONY DSCJuly was such an exciting and busy month…but not in the garden!We didn’t plant anything new for August. We are harvesting what is left of our summer garden and planning for the winter. Next month we will be making preparations to the soil for yummy winter favorites like spinach, beets, broccoli etc.

SONY DSCWe are both disappointed at our pitiful tomato crop this year. In the beginning of July, we went through a couple hot days (115 degrees F) that completely killed any chance for our tomatoes survival.SONY DSC The squash of all kinds are kickin’ though, and we are still harvesting plenty of basil and watermelon. Here’s (short) the line up!
Acorn squash


Autumn Sunflowers

Sweet Basil

Sweet White corn

Butternut squash

Yellow Watermelon

Blue Hubbard Squash


How is your summer garden growing?

Love, Grey & Brianna


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