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Fresh Mango Salsa with Black-Eyed Peas

SONY DSCOne of my favorite things about summer is the abundance of fresh fruit. I love the variety of berries, melon, and tropical fruit like pineapple, papaya, and mango. If it was up to me, I could live off of nothing but fruit and BBQ in the summers.SONY DSC

We made this fresh salsa a couple days after we moved in to our new place. There were still boxes unpacked, and stuff all over our kitchen counters, but I went to the store to buy some ingredients, and made this right on the kitchen table. Grey helped me chop everything up and mix into one giant big bowl. We ate it for the rest of the night with blue corn tortilla chips…amongst all our unpacked belongings.SONY DSC

Mango Salsa with Black-Eyed Peas


2 cups canned black eyed peas, rinsed and drained

2 ripe mangos, peeled, seeded and diced small

1 medium red bell pepper, cored, seeded and diced small

1 medium green bell pepper, cored, seeded and diced small

2/3 medium red onion, diced small

¾ cup pineapple juice

½ cup lime juice from 4 medium limes

½ cup chopped fresh cilantro leaves

2 tablespoons ground cumin

Salt and pepper to taste


Mix all ingredients, including salt and pepper to taste, in medium bowl. Cover and refrigerate to blend flavors, at least 1 hour or up to 4 days.

 Have a summer-salsa-eatin’-day.

 Love, Grey & Brianna

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