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Working Men.

All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty.” ~Proverbs 14:23SONY DSC

Dear Friends,

Sunday evening, Grey and Glynn built nesting boxes for our hens.

Between my tasks, in the kitchen and visiting with my adorable niece, I would pop outside to see how the project was coming along. They pounded on materiel, had their brows furrowed, and spoke in a language that was practically foreign to me.


Working men are such a blessing…to those of us that have no…nada…zip…zero construction skills whatsoever.

Did I mention I have no idea how to build anything?

Thank God for hard working men.  

Love, Brianna



4 thoughts on “Working Men.

  1. I agree! I can do some stuff, but my husband…is willing to try anything! He is an engineer by trade so he is just more inclined to working that way. Everything is a puzzle to him and I so enjoy that he likes to do stuff on his own, rather than hire it all out! :~) Great post! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Somehow I am the one who comes up with most of the projects…. I am so persistent and won’t shut up about it until I have it. My husband, bless his hart, is always the one to take action. Sometimes I wonder why he keeps up with my craziness… Anyway, we (he) are just now finishing our chicken coop. I agree, thank God for hard working men!

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