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Book, Coffee, Biscotti: The Five Love Languages

five-love-languages-audio-cd-gary-chapman-cover-artI just got finished with “The Five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman. I’ve wanted to read it ever since I heard it is the “secret to marital bliss”…the “key to maintaining true love”…the “answer to happiness forever”…that might be a little dramatic, but it has been very popular among my friends and family; and I have not read it… until now…and in two days. The book starts by addressing “what happens to love after marriage?” Then goes on to explain that we all desire to be loved, and people fall out of love when they no longer receive it from their spouse. The author uses real couple’s testimonies of unhappy marriages that were restored once and after one or both people learned how to speak the other person’s “love language.”

I bet you guessed there are five of them. You’re right. There are five love languages that are discussed within the book: words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service, and physical touch. Finding out what love language Grey and I speak was the fun part. I was a little thrown when I couldn’t quickly identify what love language Grey spoke right off the bat, (he seemed to fit into a couple categories.) Until I read that some people may be “bi-lingual.” Isn’t that cute? Then I was certain that Grey was “acts of service” AND “words of affirmation.” I was also almost tied with acts of service being number one and quality time being a strong second.

Listening to couples who have had their marriages be reformed by this simple concept of LOVING the other person FIRST by speaking THEIR love language was totally encouraging. The footnotes of this book were filled with biblical principles on how God teaches us to love other people. I appreciated this because it is based on the oldest and most successful method of having a healthy marriage: God’s teachings.

I totally recommend it!

Love, Brianna


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