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Our Summer “Bucket list”

SONY DSCDear Friends,

Summer is definitely here! Where we live, it’s been 115 degrees F. Seriously. That’s not an exaggeration. We have to put off some of our outdoor “todos” because it is considered a “dangerous” heat. Saturday, Grey and I spent the entire day inside (with the exception of watering the garden and tending the chickens,) drinking ice water in front of a bunch of fans.

SONY DSCThis summer is just getting started, and there are so many things that we want to get accomplished and participate in. So… I’ve jumped on the bandwagon and composed a “summer bucket list.” A list of everything that we would like to get done before summer officially ends–or “kicks the bucket.” (September 21st.) You ready? Here it is:
1. Meet & Bring Home our Son or daughter

2. Lay out and look at the stars

3. Take a trip to Sonoma

4. Go bowling

5. Read 3 new books

6. Dance with Grey in the Kitchen

7. Make fresh fruit popsicles

8. Drive with the windows rolled down and Darius Rucker turned up

9. Go to the Beach

10. Visit a Farmer’s Market

11. Start our winter garden planting

12. Watch the sunrise

13. Have an outdoor tea party

14. Finish building the chicken coop

15. Go on a picnic

16. Finish Moving  

17. Plant new flowers

18. Return to a regular running routine

19. Go kayaking

20. Buy bow and practice for deer season (Grey)

21. Start School

22. Read book to baby every night

23. Do some serious grilling!

24. Pray blessings over baby every morning

25. See an outdoor movie

26. Go to the water-park

27. Finish our decorating our new house

28. Go camping

I’ll keep you updated on our progress. How about you? Any plans for the summer? What does your “summer bucket list” look like?

Hope you are having a backyard-barbecue-kind-of-summer.


Love, Grey and Brianna



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