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July: What’s in the Garden Now.

SONY DSCDear Friends,

It is July, when the garden should be in full swing. Most of our winter vegetables are out, and the summer are in. We were somewhat late on this year’s planting, because we’ve been so busy–plain and simple.

1) We just moved (if any of you are wondering, it is quite difficult to keep up a garden in the midst of uprooting and transporting everything you own.)

2) We’re expecting baby in less than two weeks…which does complicate things a bit when you are bending over, picking up pots, and standing on puffy pregnant feet. Nonetheless we are excited with what the Lord blessed us with this month. Here’s the line up:

Blue Hubbard Squash

Yellow Watermelon

Japanese Eggplant

Zucchini (volunteer)

Pumpkins (volunteer)

Sweet Basil

Chocolate Mint


Butternut Squash

Autumn Sunflowers

Tomatoes (Mr. Stripy, Roma, Cherry, Black Prince, Big Boy)

Sweet White Corn

Snap Peas


Acorn Squash


In the garden
In the garden

We are waiting to harvest all most of the above list, but are currently enjoying our basil, mint, and zucchini….and we still have purple potatoes left from last month’s harvest. 

How is your summer garden growing?

I pray you always count your many blessings.

Love, Grey & Brianna


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